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Medic mums helping you navigate the information overload of Dr Google. 

What is a viral illness? What helps with teething? What does ibuprofen even do!? 

At Welly and Bloom, you will find SENSIBLE, PRACTICAL, and ACCURATE medical information to equip and empower you to care confidently for your little ones.

When your kids are sick, you don't just need information, you need to know what to DO about it.


At Welly and Bloom, we never just load you up with random facts, we guide you through the daunting maze of health info out there to give you practical tips based on well-researched medical facts, so you have everything you need to cope when the lurgy hits...


Ever since becoming mums, we - two NHS doctors - experienced first hand the realm of illness outside the hospital. Although we were learning ourselves, we were frequently quizzed by friends and fellow parents who just wanted to understand how to manage their poorly kids responsibly at home. Find out more about our stories here...


Why won't this cough go away? Should I try and give them chicken pox? What about vaccines?


Sometimes just an explanation of how the body works, or about what's going on in some common conditions is all it takes to give you the confidence to care for your little one when they're ill.


At Welly and Bloom, we want to help you worry less about the bumpy road of normal life, to thrive even on the poorly days, and to know when to get extra help - like from the pharmacist, GP or hospital.

We know from being mums, that it's hard to think straight when you're tired! And once children are out of babyhood, there are often many other things to juggle - you're back to work, another baby on the way... life is busy! And at this age, it can sometimes feel like kids get ill all the time! 


We want clear and concise explanations of what's going on in their bodies! 


We also need to be practically equipped for the difficult days that are part of normal life.


And, yes, yes, yes, we need encouragement. Parenting is hard, especially when kids are ill! 


At Welly and Bloom, we make sure the answers are understandable, and that the solutions are do-able 

So welcome! Here's what we've got for you:

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