Boys with toys


Suzy and Ruth met at medical school in 2004. It took them a few years to get to know each other, being in a class of over 400 trainee doctors! But they eventually bonded over a love of fancy dress parties, and a great friendship was born.


After medical school they stayed in touch and, along with a bunch of others, go on a reunion holiday every year. It's a rowdy week away, especially now that there's a whole bunch of kids thrown into the mix! It was at one of these hols that the Welly and Bloom concept first started brewing...

After a little encouragement from friends (and a few battles with toddlers who are pretty keen to be co-writers in our articles) W&B was born. 


We really hope you love all of the content that we are producing as much as we love putting it all together!


Meet the Medically-Minded Mums behind Welly and Bloom



Ruth wanted to be a doctor since her childhood in Ethiopia. Once she would have raved about her dreams of being a jungle-surgeon in some far-flung region, now she has balanced her former naivity and desire to be superwoman, with the realism that comes with simply growing up.

Part way through her medical degree, Ruth also gained a BSc in Anatomy and Human Science, and she toyed with the idea of becoming a school biology teacher instead of a doctor. There is a love of explaining things that runs deep in her family. But in 2010 she qualified from King's College London, and worked for two wonderful years in Acute Medicine, A&E, Paediatrics, Gastroenterology, General Surgery and as a junior GP.

With great contentment, Ruth relinquished her medical licence in 2013, choosing to stay at home with her children, and to consider when the time is right to explore her love of teaching more vigorously. Perhaps that avenue will lead to a far-flung jungle one day, but right now it's jungle-enough in the Lewis household with footballs and paper aeroplanes being flung far and wide ALL DAY LONG. Ruth tries to balance her love of all things homegrown/natural/Amish with the blessing of modern medical understanding - let's chat about that!



Suzy started helping teddies with their health at around age 3 and has never looked back. It took a few years (and a brief stint at drama school!) from then, but in 2010 she qualified as a doctor from King's College London.

During medical school, she also completed a BSc in the History of medicine at UCL, and the AKC (Associateship of King's College) which is the original award offered by King's College dating back to 1829 - a mixture of theology, philosophy and ethics.

After medical school, she worked as a medical doctor, gaining experience as a junior doctor in A&E, General medicine, ITU, General Surgery and HIV medicine in both London and Kent, before settling in specialist training in Radiology.

Suzy took a break from medicine in 2016 and is loving being a mum to three busy, boisterous, fun and lovely mini-bloomers. She might go back to medicine one day, but for now, she plans to spend her 'spare' time making kids' health a bit easier to understand! She's also a bit of a shopaholic and will gladly share with you all of the things that have made parenting life that little bit easier... watch this space.


Meet the wonderful professionals who help us to make sure we are up to date and as accurate as we can be.

These guys will be peer-reviewing some of our articles, writing some guest posts of their own, appearing in some of our videos, and generally being amazing!